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Social-Economic Transformations in Island Southeast Asia (International Institute of Social History)
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Apr 3, 2017
Bosma, Ulbe, 2017, "Data on Demography, Migration, Slavery and Employment for the Netherlands Indies, the Philippines and British Malaya 1800-1950",, IISH, V1, UNF:6:jVCsrqHyhxci3XGhQ8Hi9Q== [fileUNF]
Data derived from administrative surveys and colonial census reports
Tab-Delimited - 2.9 KB - MD5: 444cf8d3157325c773c449a4d957367d
A reconstruction of the percentage of the population of the Outer Islands of the Netherlands Indies living in enslaved conditions around 1830 as well as a list of enslaving incidents derived from mid-nineteenth century Netherlands Indies newspapers derived from Delpher.
Tab-Delimited - 5.1 KB - MD5: 80ae7ef9c34ff3c3e1b53bbc4a7629f7
Data on employment and unemployment, occupational distribution, employment in textile, additional employment, most important export crops in hectares, profession and literacy and school attendance per province in the Philippines
MS Excel Spreadsheet - 27.4 KB - MD5: b6d9bf1e05d2e7c48a19f868726c9dee
GDP per capita Netherlands Indies (Java & Outer Islands) 1880-1939, based upon Maddison, Van der Eng and Van Zanden.
Adobe PDF - 771.5 KB - MD5: 0c6e77b5d3830b6316aafeeea2b7958b
Methodological Paper: Island Southeast Asia and the Global Collaboratory Labour Relations (Java, Outer Islands of the Netherlands Indies, the Philippines and British Malaya) 1800, 1900 and a 1650 guestimate for Java
Tab-Delimited - 2.8 KB - MD5: fd92fd3f5452e25291175a13e6a26068
Population figures of Java from 1830 and 1930 as well as reconstructed net migration figures, based upon publications by P. Bleeker, colonial reports (Koloniale Verslagen) as well as the 1930 Census.
MS Excel Spreadsheet - 16.7 KB - MD5: e9e9b3422c728b6c2c4e10357472c26a
Occupational Data for the Outer Islands oft the Netherlands Indies for the year 1873 based upon the Colonial Report of 1875 ("Inlanders" and "Vreemde Oosterlingen")
MS Excel Spreadsheet - 166.5 KB - MD5: 8d24b06f813eff824f8c831788b741b5
Occupational data voor the Netherlands Indies derived from the Colonial Reports (Koloniale Verslagen).
Tab-Delimited - 2.7 KB - MD5: 93be9416c6f10b28ae7907ee99b0d0a6
Occupational distribution for the Netherlands Indies (1930), British Malaya (1931) and the Philippines (1903 and 1939) based upon the Census Reports for these years.
Tab-Delimited - 8.0 KB - MD5: b6fce4c344052791aad13b75dce234b7
Data on births, deaths, marriages derived from the Guia Official de las Islas Filipinas as well as reconstructed net migration figures for the late 19th C. based upon the 1903 Census of the Philippines.
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