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Resources for the Historical Sample of the Netherlands
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Aug 27, 2020
Mandemakers, Kees; Hornix, Jan; Mourits, Rick; Muurling, Sanne, 2020, "HSN standardized, HISCO-coded and classified occupational titles, release 2020.02",, IISH Data Collection, V1, UNF:6:c/RR6WeNgoP1khIsrBcSew== [fileUNF]
This release consists of a standardization of 281,355 different occupational titles found in the sources used by the HSN till the 1st of January 2020 and the coding of the standardized occupations in the HISCO, HISCLASS, OCC1950, HISCAM and SOCPO classifications. HSN stands for t...
Tab-Delimited - 949.8 KB - MD5: 1c4a6c653e63028e80379b624d6f54ef
Adobe PDF - 505.1 KB - MD5: 7766186e32e5dff482c7f0f31cd96d4d
Tab-Delimited - 34.5 MB - MD5: f831b9e940af2e84bc0a966e3e56cf4f
Apr 17, 2020
Mandemakers, Kees; Mourits, Rick; Muurling, Sanne, 2018, "HSN_HISCO_release_2018_01",, IISH Data Collection, V3, UNF:6:wfK8iY9uetyciZC6YD66Pw== [fileUNF]
Here you find a release of the standardized and coded values of 134,964 different occupational titles found in the sources used by the HSN until the 1st of July 2018. All these occupational titles have been coded into HISCO, HISCLASS, HISCAM, OCC1950 and SOCPO classifications. Th...
Tab-Delimited - 14.5 MB - MD5: a683257f8b2ab9726aecede6e2d23180
Updated version of 2018_01 release
Adobe PDF - 676.4 KB - MD5: b480e3c192bf37224ea2732c2fb7cfa6
Comma Separated Values - 13.3 MB - MD5: 167619a4afceaba1786faaa3c14c73b4
CSV file containing the non- and standardized occupational titles and codes
Adobe PDF - 677.0 KB - MD5: df75416b4bcf0824f83fd1de22d3066d
Codebook accompanying the CSV file
IDS-MESO(International Institute of Social History)
Jun 9, 2016
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