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Sep 10, 2020
Micon Schorsij, 2020, "Van Meerendonk",, IISH Data Collection, V1, UNF:6:bGiQb9JT3zQX5Ouwz8fYHA== [fileUNF]
Metadata for the Van Meerendonk photo collection. Cleaned and enriched in 2019-2020. Contains metadata for all the material that has been digitized and will be published online
Aug 30, 2020 - GIS of the Low Countries
Stapel, Rombert, 2020, "Georeferenced regional maps associated with Jacob van Deventer, 1536-1546",, IISH Data Collection, V1
This collection contains georeferenced raster images (in GeoTIFF format) of the 'Gewestkaarten' (Regional maps) associated with Jacob van Deventer. The georeferencing has been accomplished by linking hundreds of locality-pointers in the maps to the respective church towers. Using...
Aug 27, 2020 - HSN
Mandemakers, Kees; Hornix, Jan; Mourits, Rick; Muurling, Sanne, 2020, "HSN standardized, HISCO-coded and classified occupational titles, release 2020.02",, IISH Data Collection, V1, UNF:6:c/RR6WeNgoP1khIsrBcSew== [fileUNF]
This release consists of a standardization of 281,355 different occupational titles found in the sources used by the HSN till the 1st of January 2020 and the coding of the standardized occupations in the HISCO, HISCLASS, OCC1950, HISCAM and SOCPO classifications. HSN stands for t...
Aug 23, 2020 - GIS of the Low Countries
Stapel, Rombert, 2020, "Duchy of Brabant GIS Collection",, IISH Data Collection, V2, UNF:6:3+KSt5/8gP5DjPKTAIdMCQ== [fileUNF]
This dataset contains several GIS files associated with the medieval Duchy of Brabant. These files have been adapted to correspond with the hearth censuses and fiscal repartitions collected by myself and Arend-Elias Oostindiër. The polygon GIS is an abridged adaptation of the 'Hi...
Jul 8, 2020 - History of Labour Relations
Ferreira, Sónia; Stapel, Rombert, 2020, "Portugal 1900 [Global Collaboratory on the History of Labour Relations 1500-2000 Dataset]",, IISH Data Collection, V1
(Working paper for) Labour Relations in Portugal: 1890, 1900, 1911, and 1921
Jul 4, 2020 - OpenGazAm: Linked Open Data Gazetteer of the Early-Modern Americas
Stapel, Rombert, 2020, "Historical GIS for geographic regions in Morse's The American Gazetteer (1797)",, IISH Data Collection, V3
Historical GIS polygons (convex hulls) for the areas and administrative units mentioned in The American Gazetteer by Jedidiah Morse (Boston 1797). The dataset was specifically created for use with the text, but draws on resources of the NHGIS and HGIS de las Indias.
Jun 30, 2020 - Micro Labour Conflicts
van der Velden, Sjaak, 2020, "Russia, 1895-1904",, IISH Data Collection, V1, UNF:6:UdQ7kHW+9GGDhFReUJatIQ== [fileUNF]
Information on strikes in the Russian empire taken from Factory Inspector reports
Jun 23, 2020 - Low Countries Data Collection (1350-present)
Stapel, Rombert, 2020, "Ordinations of priests in the medieval diocese of Utrecht (1505-1518)",, IISH Data Collection, V1, UNF:6:zDjwYxRU1Ugdp0IJM9af4g== [fileUNF]
Collection of 4,476 priest ordained in the medieval bishopric of Utrecht between February 1505 and September 1518.
Jun 4, 2020 - ANDB
Schorsij, Micon, 2020, "ANDB Unique persons and links",, IISH Data Collection, V2, UNF:6:QqEmI2xfywBNNJZLOOJL3A== [fileUNF]
This dataset identifies the unique persons, extracted from the apprentice- and membership cards, with references to their respective cards and where possible links to the ADB dataset and
May 26, 2020 - Diamonds in Borneo
Zijdeman, Richard, 2020, "Leviticus dataset as Linked Data",, IISH Data Collection, V2
Files used to create LD version of Leviticus Encyclopedia
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