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Feb 17, 2023 - IISH World Economic History
Shi, Zhihong, 2023, "Agricultural Development in Qing China: A Quantitative Study (1661-1911)",, IISH Data Collection, V1
Please cite as: Shi, Z. (20 Oct. 2017). Agricultural Development in Qing China. Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill. doi:
IISH World Economic History(International Institute of Social History, Utrecht University)
IISH World Economic History logo
Mar 7, 2022
The IISH World Economic History dataverse is an extension of the ERC-funded research project on the historical dynamics of industrialization of Northwestern Europe and China, supervised by dr. Bas van Leeuwen and hosted by the International Institute of Social History (IISH). It...
Jul 29, 2021 - Historical Database of Dutch Municipalities
Mourits, Rick J; Boonstra, Onno; Knippenberg, Hans; Hofstee, Evert W; Zijdeman, Richard L, 2016, "Historische Database Nederlandse Gemeenten",, IISH Data Collection, V5
This dataset contains all files from the HDNG (Historical Database of Dutch Municipalities) as were received from Onno Boonstra, PI on the HASH project generating data and improving quality of the Historical Ecological Database (HED). This data is live queryable on Druid: https:/...
Oct 22, 2020 - History of Work
Edvinsson, Sören; Westberg, Annika, 2016, "Swedish Occupational Titles from CEDAR",, IISH Data Collection, V2
This file contains Swedish Occupational Titles as encountered by the CEDAR project, that were coded into HISCO (see notes and The occupations originate from documents from c 1700 – c 1950 for Skellefteå region and C 1700-1900 for Su...
Apr 13, 2020 - NLGIS
Zijdeman, Richard; Mac Gillavry, Edward, 2020, "nlgis-boundary-files with Amsterdam Code",, IISH Data Collection, V1
This dataset contains the boundaries of Dutch municipalities since 1812, including their names, Amsterdam Code and CBS code. Also the year in which the polygon was observed is included, for easy matching. The files are presented as geojson, that can easily be viewed via for examp...
NLGIS(International Institute of Social History)
NLGIS logo
Apr 13, 2020Low Countries Data Collection (1350-present)
Boundary files of all Dutch municipalities since 1812. This files is updated yearly. Please report issues (or praise).
Apr 15, 2019 - Low Countries Hearth and Population Censuses
Stapel, Rombert, 2019, "Enqueste en Informacie (Holland): Documentation",, IISH Data Collection, V1
De Enqueste van 1494 en de Informacie van 1514 zijn twee van de belangrijkste bronnen met betrekking tot Holland en West-Friesland omstreeks het jaar 1500. De gegevens in deze bronnen werden in opdracht van de Staten verzameld met als doel de relatieve economische draagkracht van...
Low Countries Hearth and Population Censuses(International Institute of Social History)
Low Countries Hearth and Population Censuses logo
Apr 15, 2019Low Countries Data Collection
This collection will host digitised premodern hearth and population censuses for the Low Countries (ca. 1350-1800). Source image: Wellcome Library, no. 24618i (Tue [sic] tryal of Julian Cox ... [ca. 1700?])
Low Countries Data Collection(International Institute of Social History)
Low Countries Data Collection logo
Apr 15, 2019
This data collection hosts an array of quantitative data sets relating to the medieval, early-modern, or modern Low Countries (more or less coinciding with present-day Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg).
Mar 7, 2017 - Historical Database of Dutch Municipalities
Zijdeman, Richard, 2017, "Dutch Population Time Series",, IISH Data Collection, V2, UNF:6:oL04BbyH8Ubqh3ygzPurhw== [fileUNF]
This dataset contains files that contain time series of municipality characteristics (partially derived from the HDNG)
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