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HISCO (International Institute of Social History)
The Historical International Standard Classification of Occupations (HISCO) allows for all occupational titles in the world from the 18th to the 20th century to be ordered, connected and linked to short descriptions of activities of work. HISCO has a tree-like structure with 9 'major' groups, 76 'minor' groups, 296 'unit' groups and 1675 'micro' groups. The 'leaves' of the tree are formed by the ten-thousands of occupational titles that fall under these 1675 groups. Moving up or down the tree you can find related occupational groups. You may in addition find short definitions of the tasks and duties of an occupational group. HISCO also has subsidiary variables to capture additional information on social STATUS, on the PRODUCT used or on other matters, such as family of temporal reliationships.
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Nov 4, 2016
A. Fornasin; A. Marzona, 2016, "HISCO_Italian_Formasin_Marzona_2006",, IISH Data Collection, V1
This file contains 5 variables: occupation, hisco, status, relation, product. It contains 425 occupational titles in Italian and their HISCO equivalents. Any provenance on the file (other than the names and year mentioned in the title) is unknown to me. The file was first publish...
Feb 29, 2016
Zijdeman, Richard, 2016, "Release_HSN_HISCO_2013_01_adapted",, IISH Data Collection, V1
This is a slightly adapted version of the official HSN 2013.01 HISCO release. The original file has no headers and a subsequent version was in Dutch csv standard (i.e. ';' as seperator and ',' as decimal indicator). This dataset contains that Dutch file, an R-script to transpose...
Feb 28, 2016
Basten, Stuart, 2016, "Basten_Northern_English_Parishes_1777_1812",, IISH Data Collection, V2
The occupations in this dataset are deposited by Stuart Basten. He gathered the data when at the Jaugeillonian University and are derived from Northern English parish registers between 1777-1812.
Feb 28, 2016
Mooney, Graham, 2016, "Mooney_1866_London_occupational_codes",, IISH Data Collection, V1, UNF:6:+wMiF+S0BuzIBIXW3zrclA== [fileUNF]
Files with the HISCO codes that attributed to the occupational titles that were on the transcribed death certificates of 13,688 deaths recorded in London during the 1866 cholera epidemic. Provenance: Graham Mooney, ‘Diagnostic spaces: workhouse, hospital and home in mid-Victorian...
Feb 27, 2016
Maas; Van Leeuwen, 2016, "HISCLASS",, IISH Data Collection, V1
Class schemes, contemporary as well as historical, always involve something of a mystery. While this book does not claim to have solved that mystery completely, it does shed significant light on it. For the sake of comparability, it is advisable not to develop new class schemes b...
Feb 27, 2016
Van Leeuwen, 2016, "Files from HISCO database",, IISH Data Collection, V1
This dataset contains all files from the HISCO database as used for the website and HISCO book (see: DOI:10.3200/HMTS.37.4.186-197).
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