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Jun 11, 2024
Sang-Ajang, John; Altink, Nico; Dikland, Philip; Jonkers, Carla; Kariomengolo, Dhr.; Valies, Cleo; Oort, Thunnis van, 2024, "Paramaribo Ward Registers 1828-1847", https://hdl.handle.net/10622/VLN8FD, IISH Data Collection, V1, UNF:6:lGvWmI/h0YzdBUqisHiP7A== [fileUNF]
Since 1828, the colonial government of Paramaribo, Suriname, kept a detailed register of the inhabitants of the city. The registers have been partly preserved for the period 1828-1847. Over the years, these sources have been transcribed by citizen scientists. These transcriptions...
Oct 3, 2023 - Metadata
Mourits, Rick J; Van Oort, Thunnis; Van Galen, Coen, 2023, "Data entry + forum activity log data, birth certificates Suriname", https://hdl.handle.net/10622/FWUOX3, IISH Data Collection, V2
The 'data entry + forum activity log data' contains anonymized information on the transcription process of birth certificates from the Surinameses civil registry. The birth civil certificates were transcribed by 654 volunteers on the Dutch crowdsourcing platform HetVolk from Sept...
Sep 7, 2023
Thunnis van Oort; Philip Dikland, 2023, "Paramaribo ward register of 1846", https://hdl.handle.net/10622/J95OCC, IISH Data Collection, V1, UNF:6:A77gxU0elG8FPnyoD+XnKA== [fileUNF]
Structured dataset in rdf and csv based on a transcription made by Philip Dikland in 2009 of the ward register ('wijkregister') of Paramaribo in 1846. The original registers are kept in the National Archives of Suriname. Since 1828, the Paramaribo municipal administration kept a...
Metadata(Radboud University Nijmegen)
Jul 24, 2023
May 31, 2023 - Historical Database Suriname
Rosenbaum-Feldbrügge, Matthias; Mourits, Rick; A.B., Maartje; Janssen, Jasmijn; Quanjer, Björn; van Oort, Thunnis; Kok, Jan; van Galen, Coen, 2023, "Suriname Slave and Emancipation Registers Dataset Version 1.1", https://hdl.handle.net/10622/CSPBHO, IISH Data Collection, V2, UNF:6:dAxCcpfg7HV+ZFYz2WFn8g== [fileUNF]
The slave register in the former Dutch colony of Suriname was established by Royal Decree in 1826 to combat the illegal international trade in enslaved people. Slave owners had to report the people in their possession and every mutation (such as births, deaths, purchases, and sal...
Mar 27, 2023 - Historical Database Curacao
van Galen, Coen; Quanjer, Björn; Kraijo, Matthijs; Langenfeld, Els; Rosenbaum-Feldbrügge, Matthias; Mourits, Rick; van Oort, Thunnis; Kok, Jan, 2023, "Curacao Slave register Dataset Version 1.0", https://hdl.handle.net/10622/1OV0RM, IISH Data Collection, V1, UNF:6:DiQXUDas8zGMjwFLAJ0KfQ== [fileUNF]
The Curaçao colonial administration began keeping track of slaves at the beginning of 1839. This so-called slave record was maintained until 1863, when slavery was abolished. All owners were obliged to register the name, gender, year of birth and name of the mother of the people...
Historical Database Curacao(Radboud University Nijmegen)
Historical Database Curacao logo
Mar 27, 2023
Jan 23, 2023 - Historical Database Suriname
Rosenbaum-Feldbrügge, Matthias; van Galen, Coen; Swaters, Doortje, 2023, "Suriname Plantation Dataset Version 1.0", https://hdl.handle.net/10622/VTL43W, IISH Data Collection, V1, UNF:6:by8B0cpjp8fexFugrZZ34A== [fileUNF]
The Suriname Plantation Dataset is a dataset containing information about plantations in the former Dutch colony of Suriname between 1830 and 1863, the last decades of slavery in Suriname. Suriname was a plantation colony from about 1650. It came into Dutch hands in 1667 and woul...
Historical Database Suriname(Radboud University Nijmegen)
Historical Database Suriname logo
Jan 23, 2023
The dataverse of the Historical Database Suriname containing datasets and documentation files.
Mar 9, 2021 - Low Countries Data Collection
Stapel, Rombert, 2021, "Curaçao Historical Administrative Areas (1792-1954)", https://hdl.handle.net/10622/QKLHUV, IISH Data Collection, V4, UNF:6:tcaRmFtrTXUmdzAUbSAJHQ== [fileUNF]
Spatiotemporal GIS layer of administrative areas (quarters; divisions; districts; urban neighbourhoods) in the island of Curaçao under Dutch, post-WIC control (1792-1954). The timestamped dataset covers five administrative reclassifications: pre-1816, 1816, 1863, 1925, and 1930....
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